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the wheel writting bronze boats astronomy and math

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Q: Name five sumerian technological advances
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What were the three major technological advances that made it possible to "explore" the world from the 15th to 17th centuries?

What were the three major technological advances that made it possible to explore the world from the 15th to 17th centuries? The five major advancements of the Age of Exploration were the astrolabe, magnetic compass, caravel, sextant, and Mercator’s projection.

How many syllables are contained in technological?

Technological has five syllables.

What is a five letter word for technological tool?


The Ancient Egyptians used many technological inventions which helped to make their work easier Name five of these advancements and explain how they were used?

i love history

What are the Five business-environments?

economic, competitive, technological, social, global

The first civilization developed where?

The first civilizations to appear on earth popped up about five thousand years ago. Ancient Mesopotamia is largely considered the first civilization in the history of the world, a civilization marked by a writing system, city-states, and many technological advances.

What are five environmental social forces?

Social, Economic, Technological, Competitive, and Regulatory

What are he five original written languages?

Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Harrapan, Mayan and Chinese.

What are five important technological uses of light?

4 important technological uses of light are RADIO WAVES,MICRO WAVES, SOLAR CELL,& LASER.

What are the five planning aids within the business environment?

Global, economic, social, technological and compatative

What are the 5 different name of India?

There are five names of ancient India. The Greeks called India 'Indus'. Persians called India 'Hindustan'. Another old name is Bharatavarsha, probably from the name of the first Emperor, Bharata. There was 'Aryavarta' translated as 'home of nobles'. An old name for north India was 'Maghada', similar to the Sumerian name 'Mag-gud'

What are the five dimensions of the marketing environment?

Competitive, political-legal, economic, technological and social-cultural

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