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Priests and Priestesses were thought to receive direct instructions from the god/goddess whom they served.

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Q: People who form religious rites?
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What people perform religious rites?

Religious people perform religious rites.

People who perform religious rites?


What are people who perfom religious rites?

Priests, ministers, shamans, chaplains.

Who were those that believed in a more pure form of Christianity?

The Purtians beliefs were for a pure form of religious rites and services.

Why did Egyptian people mummify themselves?

It was a part of their religious beliefs. They thought that mummifying people was a "last rites" of sorts.

What are the 3 Hindu religious rites?


Different rites of initiation among various religious denominations?

Rites are too interrupted. Rites are so much more dulled

What have caves been used for in the past?

Homes, animal shelters, stores for food etc, hiding-places for goods or people, religious rites.

Ancient games was always started with religious rites and what else?

and praise

Did greek comedy and tragedy arose from religious ceremonies and rites?


What has the author Donna Steffen written?

Donna Steffen has written: 'Discerning disciples' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Discernment of spirits, Initiation rites, Membership, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Initiation rites

Why did the Romans consider themselves religious?

The Romans considered themselves religious because they were deeply religious. Roman religion regulated most aspects of Roman private and public life. Most political processes had to be preceded by auspices, a form of divination consisting of reading the omens of the gods. Sacrifices in honour to the gods occurred regularly. The Roman calendar was full of religious festivals. There were several of them every month. There were rites of propitiation, fertility, purification and exorcism and rites for the sowing, the harvest, the ancestors and the dead more in general and many other matters. Emperors also linked some gods to themselves and introduced imperial religious rites.