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In ancient civilisations it was the scribe

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Q: Person who wrote and kept records in Ancient Egypt?
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Who wrote and kept records in ancient Egypt starts with o?


What was hieroglyphics used for in ancient Egypt?

Communications. They were used for many texts like religious, records, battles, medical remedies, grocery lists, you name it, they wrote it down.

Who wrote the Historical Records an important history of ancient china?

Sima Qian wrote the Historical Records throughout his life time

What were the people called that wrote for a living in ancient Egypt?


Who originally wrote beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

It is a proverb, maybe from Ancient Egypt.

Who was the ancient greek historian who traveled to Egypt and wrote about the culture?

Hecataeus, Herodotus,

How do we Know so much about ancient Egypt's science and technology?

I'm in fact doing a project on ancient Egypt right now and I believe the answer is that the ancient Egyptians wrote down EVERYTHING. They kept an enormous amount of records and must have wrote down their ideas and developments in science and technology as well as everything else. Their hieroglyphics were deciphered by a young French scholar, Jean Francoise Champollion, from the Rosetta stone in the 19th century. -Hope this helped

Who ancient person wrote Hindi vyakran?


How was life in ancient Egypt?

Many people in Ancient Egypt were farmers and craftsmen. They manned crops, made bricks, made monuments, wrote documents, and traded with nearby places for the things they needed.

How did ancient Egypt and ancient china keep records?

The ancient Chinese civilization used not only wrote records with their own language (Jiaguwen) they also used their silk paintings to tell stories of their armies looked like and what they wore.

What was an ancient egyptians scribes equipment?

The scribes were a group of people in ancient Egypt who knew how to read and write. They wrote on papyrus using reed brushes dipped in ink.

WHO Wrote a history of Egypt?

The priest that wrote history of Egypt in the 3rd centry b.c was 'Manetho'.