Re is the god of what?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Amun Re the sun god chief of the many ancient Rgyptian gods

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Q: Re is the god of what?
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Is the God of the Egyptians named Re?

RA Re is the Sun God

Was re-atum Roman god?

Re-atum was an Ancient Egyptian god. Another personification of the great god Ra.

Was Re the name of of the ancient moon god?

Re is the name of the sun god of ancient egypt.

What is Egypts god that was represented by the sun?

This god was the Sun-God Ra (Also known as Re, Amun-Ra or Amun-Re).

Who was the god Ra?

Amun Re/ Amun Ra/ Re/ Ra is the Ancient Egyptian god of the Sun.

What is the Egyptian main god?

Re the sun god

Who was the favorite god of the Egyptians?

it was the mighty god re

What did re do?

he was the sun god

What ancient god was called Re or Ra?

the god of the sun

Who is the Egyptian god Re's nemesis?

Apep was the main enemy of Re.

Chief god of the egyptians?


What was the role of Re?

1. Re is the chemical symbol of rhenium.2. Ra (or sometimes Re) was the god of sun for the ancient Egyptians.