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The greek name for Neptune is Poseidon, the greek god of the sea.

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Q: Roman name is Neptune What is the greek name for Neptune?
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What was Neptune's Greek and Roman name?

Neptune's Roman name was Neptune, and his Greek name was Poseidon. He was the god of the sea.

Where and how did Neptune get its name?

Neptune is the roman name of Poseidon (Greek)

Roman god name for Neptune?

The Roman god name for Neptune is Neptune. He is the god of the sea and water in Roman mythology, the equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon.

What is the roman name for the greek god posiedon?

Neptune is Posiedon's roman name.

Is Neptune a roman name?

No, it's Greek. Roman for Neptune is Poseidon. Have a nice day.

Roman Name for god who carries a fisherman trident?

Neptune was the name of the Roman god who carries a fisherman's trident.

Latin name for Neptune? greek is poseidon

How did Poseidon get his Greek name Neptune?

by the way neptune is roman not greek but he got it because neptune is blue like water.

Name The God Of The Seas?

The God of the Seas in Greek mythology is typically Poseidon. In Roman mythology, he is known as Neptune. Poseidon is often depicted as holding a trident and is associated with the sea, earthquakes, and horses.

Which roman god is Neptune named after?

The god is Neptune, king of the sea. But Neptune is not greek. The god of the sea in greek mythology is Poseidon. But Neptune it actually a roman god :P The Roman god Neptune is the same as the Greek god Poseidon, just with a different name. But the planet Neptune is named after the Roman version, not the Greek.

What is Poseidon's planet name?

Perhaps you mean Neptune? Neptune was the Roman name for the Greek Poseidon.

What is the roman name for the greek god Poseidon?

It is Neptune.