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Romans were also known as Etruscans.

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Q: Romans were once referred to by what other name?
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Who create Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals were created by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

Where did the Romans get their many ideas?

Probably from the mysterious Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

What places did the Romans control?

The Romans once controlled all around the border of the Mediterranean sea, it was once call the roman lake

Where did the Romans get maney of their ideas from?

From the Etruscans who once had great influence over the Romans by their royal connections.

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In the seventh century bc the etruscans were more adavanced than the Romans?

Yes and they once ruled the Romans.

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By research i believe the Etruscans created Roman numerals these two numbers systems have similarities except they have different symbolic signs towards each other. The Etruscans did and they once ruled the Romans.

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