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The silk road played a big part in cultural diffusion.

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Q: Sentence using cultural diffusion
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What is a sentence using the word diffusion?

The sunlight will undergo diffusion, caused by this translucent panel.

How does cultural diffusion happen?

When people go to other countries to trade, they see things that they like. So when they get back from trading, they start using an idea that was seen. After a while, the country that went to the other country starts using the idea. This is how cultural diffusion happens.

What is an example of cultural diffiusion?

cultural diffusion from several countries have ended up in the US because of our diversity and freedom

Need sentence Using cultural region?

thwen & there

What is a sentence using cultural as an adjective?

There are cultural tours of art and architecture in the city. The cultural differences between the Greeks and Romans are numerous.

In what ways does cultural diffusion occur?

Cultural diffusion occurs through trade, migration, colonization, and communication. As people interact and share ideas, beliefs, and practices, elements of one culture are adopted by another. This can lead to the blending of cultures and the creation of new cultural practices and traditions.

What is an example of a sentence using the word cultural?

People of different countries have cultural differences. The painting has cultural significance.

What is a sentence using diverse?

People from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds work in our company

What sociological concept explains why native peoples in remote South American rain forests can be found using metal cooking pots?

Cultural Diffusion

What is an example of a sentence using the word Ethnocentrism?

Cultural relativism was in part a response to western ethnocentrism

Would and example of cutural relativism a person who criticizes the Amish farmer as foolish or backward for tilling his fields using horses and a plow instead of a tractor?

cultural diffusion

What is an example of a sentence using the word diffusion?

"Hitler's SS captured whole Jewish families, sometimes even diffusing them to separate concentration camps." .>.