Slavery in the Caribbean

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Slavery in the Caribbean began in the late 1600s as labor for sugar plantations. By the mid-1700s, islands in the Caribbean became the largest importers of slaves in the region.

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the system is where a piece of land was given to a Spaniard and this land was to be worked by the amerindians

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Economies, religions, and cultures

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Q: Slavery in the Caribbean
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Why did Africans come to the Caribbean?

Africans came to the Caribbean because of slavery and the caribbean is a small island.

Why was slavery practised in the Caribbean?


Does slavery still exist in the Caribbean?


What Year slavery was abolish in the Caribbean?

Slavery was abolished in the British Caribbean in 1838 after the Slavery Abolition Act was passed. Other Caribbean countries abolished slavery at various times, such as Haiti in 1804 and Cuba in 1886.

What was the first Caribbean country to be free from slavery?

Haiti was the first Caribbean country to achieve independence from slavery in 1804 after a successful slave revolt against French colonial rule.

When did slavery end in the Caribbean?

Slavery in the Caribbean officially ended in the 1830s with the British Emancipation Act of 1833. However, in some areas, slavery persisted until the 1860s due to delayed implementation or resistance from plantation owners.

What is the European Indentureship?

it is the system that was introduced to the Caribbean to keep the going of slavery

When was Caribbean founded?

Music has been central to Caribbean culture since the days of slavery, when it was a mode of mental survival and a form of recreation.

What social institution did Europeans in the Caribbean share with their counterparts in North America?


Cuba and who were the last to abolish slavery in the Americas?

Cuba and Puerto Rico were the last to abolish slavery in the Americas. In the world, Spanish and Caribbean were among the last ones to eradicate slavery.

What factors facilitated the extension of slavery from the English Caribbean to Carolina?

Pilgrims did it Pilgrims did it Pilgrims did it

How did slavery impact the West Indies?

Slavery made the plantation owners rich. Africans were a great source of cheap labor. However they were treated horribly.