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It's a scribe.

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Q: Someone Who could write in ancient Egypt?
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Someone who can write in ancient Egypt?

A person who could write in Ancient Egypt was called a scribe. I'm not kidding you.-

What is someone who could write in ancient Egypt what is it call?


What people could read in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt only the scribes learnt to read and write!

How you write celeste in ancient Egypt?

in ancient egypt its spelled uoy kcuf

Why was reed used in ancient Egypt?

Papyrus reeds were used to make paper so the Egyptians could write.

What Egyptian were taught how to write hieroglyphics?

Scribes were the people trained to read and write

How do you write Julia in ancient Egypt?

For that answer, go to! ^^

How do you write a five paragraph essay about How did the Nile River shape Ancient Egypt?

How did the nile river shaped ancient egypt

What made egypt great?

in Ancient Egypt, you had specialist doctors who knew the basics of medicine, how to treat illnesses and how to prevent them. they were very clever, they had people that could write called "scribes" who you could pay to write whatever you wanted for example: a new medicine mixture/remedy. Egypt was the first advanced civilisation.

What accomplishments did Egypt make in ancient times?

Egypt's accomplishments in ancient times were the pyramids that they built, the paintings, the ability to write symbols.

What is a person called when they could read and write in ancient times?

Many if skilled would be classed as scribes

What relations did scribes in ancient Egypt have with their pharaohs in ancient Egypt?

There were things called Royal Scribes that were the pharoah's personal scribe (if they were the top royal scribe;there were many). But there were also many scribes that had nothing to do with the government of Ancient Egypt.