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Ancient Egyptians were first to create beer.

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Q: The ancient Egyptians were the first ones to create the?
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What medical contributions did the ancient egyptians make?

they were the first ones to use surgery.

Did the ancient Egyptians dam the Nile?

no the modern ones did

Is the egyptians still alive?

Yes, but not the ancient ones. Just the modern day ones.

Who built obelisk?

the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to built the obelisk.They were about 70 feet tall. The Washington Monument is a obelisk.

Who are the first settlers on the Nile?

Egyptians were the first ones.

Were the Ancient Egyptians slaves captured?

Yes some were the ones that were captured were foreigners

What year did they find the constellation Orion the Hunter?

The stars have been there and visible for far longer than human beings -- the first humans would have seen them, though which ones decided to "create" that particular pattern is not clear. The ancient Egyptians associated it with the god Osiris and the name Orion comes from the ancient Greeks.

How did ancient egyptians use geomatry?

the sun and the pyramids are big ones because they did not have geometry templates and such.

Were the ancient Egyptians literate?

Only the ones trained as scribes were literate. They comprised a tiny portion of the population.

Where was mummification invented?

The anubisThe ancient Egyptians. They claim Anubis invented it.

Who created number 2?

We do not knpw yet, this question si maybe goign tp stay forever as a secret. But what we do know is that the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Greeks were the ones to invent (to create) the prime numbers, and as well known number 2 si a prime number.!

What occupations did most ancient egyptians hold?

There were different occupations that most ancient Egyptians held. The common ones included washerwomen, barber, metal workers, carpenter, bricklayers. farmers and traders among others.