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dominance of fate in mythology

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Q: The dominance of fate in mythology?
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What is fate in mythology?


How is fate in Norse mythology different from fate in greek and roman mythology?

In Norse mythology there are norns who decide on the fate of the world and no one can change that but in classical mythology there are fates - Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.They span the thread of human destiny and cut it off with shears when ever they wanted to.

In greek mythology what did fate mean?

In Mythology fate wasn't used as a word but a creature three to be exact. To represent Fate they used a ball of yarn. One sewed (birth), nitted (problems,life) and snipped (death).

Where do the goddesses of fate live?

The Norns, goddesses of fate in Norse mythology, live at the Well of Urdr at the base of the world-tree Yggdrasil. The Moirae, goddesses of fate in Greek mythology, as advisers of Zeus likely lived on Mt Olympus.

What has the author B C Dietrich written?

B. C Dietrich has written: 'Death, fate and the gods' -- subject(s): Fate and fatalism, Greek Mythology, Mythology, Greek, Religion

What was the fate of the nymph in mythology?

To be a minor goddess: there are many nymphs in Greek myths.

Threee goddesses who control mortal destiny?

They're not goddesses. If you're referring to Germanic paganism, they're called Norns, three women who spin the thread of fate. If you're referring to Greek Mythology, they're called Moirae, and they spin the thread of fate too. In Roman mythology, they're called Parcae, and they also spin the thread of fate. Personally, I think the Romans and the Germans copied Greek mythology in this subject, because Greek mythology is the oldest.

What is the role of fate in Norse myth?

Fate played a large part in Norse Mythology. According to Norse Mythology the gods knew of Ragnarok (end of the world) and that when Heimdall blew his horn at the beginning the battle was starting. The Norns were three beings that could foresee the future and the fate of the Norse Mythological universe.

Is there a 4th fate from greek mythology?

No. The three Fates' names are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

Who were the three old ladies with the strings that determined death in Greek mythology?

The Sisters of Fate.

What is the modern day meaning behind the term 'Fate' from Greek mythology?

In modern English Fate means an unseen, often malign higher force, Providence.

Who is the supreme god in Norse mythology?

The allfather or Odin is the supreme god in Norse mythology. He rules over Asgard and beats every being in a test of wisdom. He knows the fate of the realms and holds himself responsible for making sure the Norns fate is followed.