The god Zagreus was the god of?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The god Zagregus was the god of farmers

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Q: The god Zagreus was the god of?
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Is Zagreus the child of Zeus or hades?

Zagreus is the chiled of Zeus

Why is the god Dionysus associated with Resurrection?

From what iv'e read Dionysus is a nature god like Adonis & Persephone so he capable of resurrecting anything or anybody. Another way he might be connected with resurrection was that he was a god named Zagreus who was torn apart by the Titans but Zeus saved the heart & fed it to a mortal woman in her drink then Zagreus was then reborn as Dionysus.

Who is the brother of god mercury?

Apollo dionysus zagreus Orion heracles perseus minos castor pollux argus and tantalus

Did Hades the Greek god have children?

Yes; the Erinyes/ Eumenides, Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera are his daughters, Zagreus his son, Melinoe and Macaria his other daughters.

WQhat are the names of Persephones children?

Dionysus Zagreus (with Zeus, the god of lightning)Melinoe, the goddess of ghosts (with Zeus)The Erinyes, the goddesses of retribution and wrath (with Hades according to the Orphic Hymns)Makaria, the goddess of blissful death (with Hades, probably)

How many children did demetre and Zeus have?

Two, Persephone and Zagreus.

Who is Zagurus?

Zagreus is the son of Zeus and Persephone, who was reincarnated as Dionysus.

Did Hades ever have a baby?

Actually he had four. Plutus, Melinoe, Macaria and Zagreus.

What are names of hades children?

Macaria & Melinoe are his Daughters Zagreus and Plutus are his sons

What are Hades' kids' names?

Hades' children are Melinoe, Makaria, and Zagreus.

Was persophone the mother of zagreus and melione?

yes she was indeed she treated them very badly

Who are the children of Persephone?

Her children include: Zagreus Melinoe Macaria The Furies were also called her children.