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You should really look in your book when doing homework, but the answer is MYTHS.

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Q: The written records studied by historians often began as?
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What does written records studied by historian often began as?

Written records studied by historians often began as inscriptions on stone tablets, papyrus scrolls, or clay tablets. These inscriptions recorded significant events, transactions, laws, and other important information of societies in the past.

What makes Manetho so important to historians?

He was a priest and an advisor, began to keep records and he divided the kings into different dynasties.

Where and when do historians believe industrial revolution began?

historians beleive that it began in the 18th century and in Manchester, England

Historians say that civilization began when?


Where did the idea of heating food come from?

Man has been heating food for cooking since written records began.

According to historians when did Sikhism begin?

it began in punjab

Who began to keep records in the third dynasty?

Manetho began keeping records in the third dynasty of Egypt

Many art historians argue that the Italian Renaissance began in?

The Italian Renaissance began in Florence.

Who began to keep records in the third dynasty of life in Egypt?

Manetho began to keep records in the third dynasty of life.

Is this continent is where historians believe farming and agriculture began?


What was the military enlightenment in Europe?

Military historians have studied the development of military institutions in Europe from the seventeenth century to the mid 1800's. During this time period major European nations began to view war on an intellectual basis. Historians call this the Military Enlightenment. During this period of time, new military institutions were developed that created a professional military culture. Military experts began to see warfare as complex social institution.

Most historians agree that the greek civilization began on the island of?