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Q: Traders crossed the prairie from this frontier state to trade with the mexicans in santa Fe?
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What is the antagonist in the little house on the prairie?

The frontier; frontier life.

In frontier ville where do you get prairie piles?

When you scare a bear off.

Where is traders village?

Traders Village are the largest flea marketplaces and festival complexes in Texas, with locations in Dallas/Ft Worth (Grand Prairie), Houston and coming to San Antonio (fall 2010).

What is the theme of the little house on the prairie?

The theme is frontier-life in 19th century U.S., based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's life-stories that she wrote.

What has the author Eleanor Lemire Corey written?

Eleanor Lemire Corey has written: 'Prairie roses' -- subject(s): Biography, Family, Frontier and pioneer life

What has the author Vera Julia Prout written?

Vera Julia Prout has written: 'The race for land' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Frontier and pioneer life 'Prairie windwagon'

How do you complete the manure mission on frontier ville?

when you feed animals (sometimes) you get chicken = poultry puddin' pig = piggy poop goat = bush brownie mule = prairie pile cow = meadow muffin

What has the author John McDougall written?

John McDougall has written several books on plant-based nutrition and health, including "The Starch Solution" and "The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss". He is known for promoting a whole-food, plant-based diet for optimal health and well-being.

Laura who wrote books about life on the American frontier?

Laura Ingalls Wilder, born February 7, 1867, was the author of "Little House in the Big Woods" and "Little House on the Prairie" and several other books describing her and her family's life on the US frontier during the 1870's and 1880's. She died in 1957.

What are some prairie stories?

Prairie stories typically involve themes of survival, resilience, and the harsh realities of life on the frontier. They often depict the struggles and triumphs of pioneers facing the challenges of the open landscape, adverse weather conditions, and interactions with Native American tribes. These stories may also highlight the bond between settlers and the land, as well as the sense of community that develops in the face of adversity.

What is the Largest of the three prairie provinces?

Alberta is the largest prairie province by land size. Saskatchewan is the prairie province with the most prairie land.

Where is the Eden Prairie Library in Eden Prairie located?

The address of the Eden Prairie Library is: 565 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie, 55344 5319