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Q: True or false - The idea of having a senate came from Ancient Rome?
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What special garment did the Senate in the republic of ancient Rome wear?

The special garment the Senate in the republic ancient Rome wore was the toga.

Where does the powers of the Senate come from?

Ancient Rome

Who led the government in ancient Rome?

The senate and the Emperor.

The term senate come from the government of?

The term "senate" comes from the ancient government of Rome.

What was one of two governing bodies in ancient rome?

The Senate

What was one of the two governing bodies in ancient rome?

The Senate

How did someone become a senate in ancient Rome?

They didn't, that's impossible since the Senate was a building.

Who were the top 2 officials in the ancient Rome senate?

There were no officials in the Roman senate. This senate was an advisory body, not an executive one.

Which part of the American government gets its name from ancient rome?

The senate.

Who was the most powerful ruling body in ancient Rome?

The Roman Senate .

Who were the officials responsible for calling senate meetings in ancient rome?


Ancient rome never had a highly delovped system of government true or false?

the answer is false