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No - Socrates was dead before Alexander was born. He had many tutors, the main one being Aristotle.

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Q: Was Alexander the Great tutored by the Greek philosopher Socrates - how do you know?
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Was Alexander the Great a student of Socrates?

No, Alexander the Great was not a direct student of Socrates. However, he was tutored by the philosopher Aristotle.

Who is Arisotle?

A famous Greek philosopher taught by Plato and tutored Alexander the Great.

Who was the Greek philosopher who taught with questions not answers?

The great Greek philosopher, who taught by questions and not answers was the great Aristotle.

Which ancient Greek philosopher was a pupil of Plato tutored Alexander the Great and is considered the Father of Zoology?


Who taught Alexander the Great?

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was Plato's student.

What correctly matches the philosopher to his accomplishment Socrates wrote a book the Socratic method and trained Aristotle Socrates believed education should be limited Plato politics and trained so?

Socrates is known for the Socratic method of questioning and was Plato's teacher. Plato wrote extensively on politics and founded the Academy, where Aristotle studied. Aristotle, in turn, went on to become a famous philosopher and also tutored Alexander the Great.

Who was the great teacher of Alexander?

His name was Aristole, he was rather quiet but agreed to teach Alexander under different circumstances.

Who was the tutor of Alexander?

Aristotle. Alexander was tutored for 3 years at Mieza, Macedonia by the great Philosopher

How were Socrates Plato Aristotle treated by the Greeks?

Socrates was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock, Plato was respected by his peers and founded the Academy, and Aristotle was highly regarded for his teachings and philosophy, and later tutored Alexander the Great.

Was Alexander an important Greek philosopher?

Alexander, the conqueror, himself was not a Greek philosopher, but he was one of the best and famous students of a great Greek philosopher, Plato. Alexander's father, King Philip of Macedonia, wanted his son to be tutored by a great teacher and selected Plato for this purpose. Even though Alexander's atrocities the world over cannot be attributed to this great teacher, he certainly did create a great city named Alexandria to celebrate his victories and made the library of this city one of the best in the world in that time, which certainly was a respect to his master.

How long was Alexander the Great tutored?

he was tutored until the age of 16

What was Aristotle recognized for?

lots of things... but the major ones are, he contributed to the scientific method, he wrote the ethics, he tutored Alexander the Great, and he was once a great politician, poet, scientist, and philosopher.