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No. Cats were considered sacred as The Ancient Egytpians believed they were messengers of the cat goddess Bastet.

AnswerNo, cats were treated like gods in ancient Egypt the worshipped them.
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Q: Was harming cats permited in ancient Egypt?
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What kind of animals did the Egyptians worship animals?

There were many animals found in Ancient Egypt. Some of the wild ones include jackels, scorpions, vultures, hippopotomus and crocodiles. The domestic animals were mostly cattle, but the rich had monkeys and other african animals imported as pets.

Which breed of domestic cat is closest to ancient Egyptian cat?

The most common breed of cat in Ancient Egypt is probably the Domestic Shorthair (mixed-breed shorthaired cat). Even today, non-pedigree cats make up a majority of the cat population. However, two cat breeds that exist today are believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt. One of them is the Egyptian Mau. The modern Egyptian Mau has Egyptian stray cats in its ancestry. It is believed that the Egyptian Mau is descended from African wild cats, and spotted cats that resemble the Mau are portrayed in the wall paintings of Ancient Egypt. The breed name itself is Egyptian, with "mau" meaning cat in Middle Egyptian. The other breed is the Abyssinian. Its breed name refers to Abyssinia, the historical name for Ethiopia, yet some stories suggest that this breed originated from Egypt. Many sources state the the Abyssinian is an old breed with its roots dating back to Ancient Egypt, as the Abyssinian resembles the cats in Ancient Egyptian paintings and sculptures with its slender built and moderately wedged head shape.

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What was a magical jewel in ancient egypt?

The amulet was called a scarab, similar in shape to the beetles of the same name. also Cleopatra could have had a cat named cleocatra that was mummified and put in a booby trapped tomb with one of the most powerful amulets in Egypt the cats eye jewel.

What was the special role of cats in ancient Egypt?

Cats in Egypt were important because of there skill and beauty. Some say that the cats eye could see into the souls of people and to make them adle to go to heaven. But the reason is because the cat could kill poison snakes and kill rats that had germs in there fur.

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What in ancient Egypt was sacred?

Cats were sacred in ancient Egypt

Where were cats most honored?

In ancient Egypt.

Which animals were buried in ancient Egypt?


Why did they mummify the cats?

In ancient Egypt they mummified cats because they worshiped cats and thought of them as sacred.

What is the most important animal in Ancient Egypt?


What animal was considered divine in ancient Egypt?


Were black cats sacred in Ancient Egypt?


What breed of demestic cat is closest to the cats of ancient Egypt?

The cat that is most closely related to the cats of ancient Egypt is the North African wild-cat. The domestic cat closest to the ancient Egyptian cats is the Egyptian Mao. :D

What kind of pets did children living in Ancient Egypt keep?

people in ancient Egypt had cats because they thought they were magic

What was the most popular pet ancient Egypt?

The most popular pet in egypt are cats

Is the bastet the beginner of cats?

No, Bast is only the patron goddess of cats in ancient Egypt.

What animals were native to ancient Egypt?