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In the paleolithic era.

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Q: Was hunting invented during the Paleolithic or neolithic era?
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How was the Neolithic period diffrent from the Paleolithic period?

The Neolithic period followed the Paleolithic period and was characterized by the development of agriculture, domestication of animals, and the establishment of permanent settlements. This shift from a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a sedentary agricultural lifestyle marked a significant advancement in human civilization during the Neolithic period.

What period preceded the Neolithic Revolution?

The period that preceded the Neolithic Revolution is often referred to as the Paleolithic or Stone Age. During this time, early humans were primarily hunter-gatherers and relied on hunting animals, fishing, and gathering wild plants for food.

What great advancements were made during the Paleolithic era and the Neolithic era?

In the Paleolithic era, advancements included the development of stone tools, control of fire, and rudimentary art such as cave paintings. In the Neolithic era, major advancements included the shift from hunting and gathering to farming, domestication of animals, pottery making, and the establishment of permanent settlements.

Did the ice age occur before the Paleolithic era or the Neolithic era?

paleolithic era, Neolithic era , mesolithic era

What were the periods of the stone age?

The three periods of the Stone Age were the Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, and the Neolithic Age. During the Paleolithic Age hunting and gathering were the way of life. In the Mesolithic Age people began to make semi-permanent houses. In the Neolithic Age people started working together and living a community-type life.

Did the paleolithic age underwent the farming revolution?

No, the Paleolithic Age did not undergo the farming revolution. Farming began during the Neolithic Age, which followed the Paleolithic Age. The Neolithic Age is characterized by the development of agriculture and the shift from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to settled farming communities.

What Stone Age was the spear invented?

During the old stone age in the time of Homo erectus or Homo neanderthalensis.

What is the difference between Paleolithic and neolithic art?

During the Paleolithic era, or the old stone age, art took the form on cave paintings and often depicted a nomadic way of life. During the Neolithic era, as people become more stationary, they began creating their art on walls.

What was invented during the Neolithic revolution?

They invented the hoe, weaving and pottery :)

What is a feature separates neolithic societies from paleolithic societies?

Social stratificationEconomic specialization Social stratificationagriculture, which led to settlement.

What tasks did men perform ONLY during the Paleolithic Age?

Hunting large animals

What is the most valuable skill that prehistoric people learned during the Paleolithic period?

They invented string, the wheel and alcohol during the paleolithic period.