Were spent or was spent

Updated: 4/28/2022
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was spent

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Q: Were spent or was spent
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What is the past tense form of spent with helping verb?

The past tense form of "spent" with a helping verb is "had spent."

What does tres spent mean?

"spent very"

When was Spent created?

Spent was created in 2009.

Is money spent on the education of girls money well spent?

Yes. It is very well spent

What is the tense of spent?

Spent is a past-tense verb. The present-tense form of spent is spending. The future-tense form of spent is will spend. Hope this helps!

What is the perfect tense of spend?

The past perfect is "had spent". The present perfect is "has/have spent". The future perfect is "will have spent".

What is the present perfect tense of spend?

I/You/We/They have spent. He/She/It has spent.

Where in the world can euros be spent?

they can be spent in most of Europe

Is money spent on elections well spent?

grace hahahahahahah

Where Leonardo da Vinci spent?

He spent his time in Milan.

Alternate Name for an old chicken?

a spent(spent hen)

Is money spent on wildlife conservation well spent?