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Because there is always Bad Guys after the Pharaohs throne. Most people use poison because if the murderer wants to murder the pharaoh by hand, he or she will have to break through tons of body guards. Poison in the food will cause the Pharaoh to die so they hire a food taster to see if the food is poisoned. The food taster has a good job because he gets to eat good things that the pharaoh eats, but if the food is poisoned, then the taster has a lousy job................

Procedure of the food taster.

The food is served to a taster.

The people wait half an hour or so to see if anything happens to the taster.

1. If something happens, the chef is killed.

2. If nothing happens, the Pharaoh eats.

Food tasters are gone because people developed slow working poison, killing the victim in 2 days or more. If you wait 2 days for the poison, the food will spoil.

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Q: Were there ancient Egyptian royal food tasters?
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