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Q: What Hindu god died as Achilles did from an arrow shot into his heel?
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How do you die from getting show with an arrow in the Achilles heel?

Achilles died because his heel was his weak spot

Where does Achilles die?

Achilles died at Troy when Paris shot him in the heel with an arrow. In some versions of the story, Apollo guides the arrow to Achilles heel. Some versions say the arrow was poisoned. The Iliad ends before Achilles' death.

Cause of Achilles' death?

His mother held the baby Achilles by the heel when she dipped him in the River Styx to make him invulnerable to injury. His heel was not exposed to the magic of the river water and he died after being shot in the heel with an arrow.

Why is the tendon above the heel called the Achilles heel?

It was named after the hero "Achilles", who was killed when an arrow penetrated his heel.

Why was the arrow in Achilles heel the only place an arrow could cause his death?

his heel was his weakness. there is no specific reason, just that for Achilles in particular his heel was his one weakness.

Did Apollo kill Achilles?

He helped Paris aim his arrow at the heel of Achilles.

What is an Acheillies heel?

It is your weakest piont. According to the legend, Achilles' mother dipped him into a miraculous water when he was a child holding him by his heel. This way Achilles became nearly invulnerable. Knowing this, the Trojan prince Paris shot him in the heel with a poisoned arrow, and Achilles died.

How was Archilles killed?

One account of Achilles' death involves the deception of Achille's lover, Polyxema, as she lures Achilles to a secret rendez-vous as a ruse to set him up for a fatal ambush by the Trojan prince Paris. The poisoned arrow of Paris is said to have been guided by Apollo to strike Achilles' vulnerable heel, the only part of his body capable of injury.

What is an Achilles rupture?

More commonly known as an Achilles tendon rupture, it is the tearing / rupturing of the Achilles' tendon that runs down the back of the leg into the heel. It is so named for the Greek Warrior Achilles, who was crippled by an arrow into that tendon in his heel. Achilles died in the Trojan War.

What part of the body did wound when Achilles died?

Heel ...i suppose The legend of Achilles has it that he was dipped into the river Styx by his mother Thetis in order to make him invulnerable. His heel wasn't covered by the water and he was later killed by an arrow wound to his heel.

Did the arrow in the ankle of Achilles kill him or make him mortal?

Achilles was made immortal by being dipped into the River Styx. He was held by his heel, which is why that is his weak spot. When he was shot there, he died.

Who conquered Achilles?

Paris, brother of Hector killed Achilles with the help of Apollo by shooting his heel with his arrow.