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What were some of the advantages of living in ancient Egypt>

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Q: What advantages do you get by living in ancient Egypt?
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How were phorachs viewed in ancient Egypt?

Pharohs were seen as living gods, in ancient Egypt.

What are some of the advantages of living in ancient Rome?

What are some advantages of living in ancient rome

What kind of pets did children living in Ancient Egypt keep?

people in ancient Egypt had cats because they thought they were magic

What geographic advantages did ancient Egypt have and how did this help them grow and get stronger?

The Nile river.

What did ancient Egypt governments do?

The government of ancient Egypt was the pharoah. They used religion and the army to govern their empire. They were seen as living gods.

What were the people called that wrote for a living in ancient Egypt?


What advantages did living in cities offer the people of ancient mesopotamia?

the advantages of living in cities of ancient Mesopotamia was that they were advanced, they had specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and improved technology.

What helped the plants grow in ancient Egypt?

Each year, the Nile flooded parts of egypt, and the Nile is the living source for Egypt.

What is the difference between modern and ancient Egypt?

ancient Egypt had a different religion and type of government. They also used hieroglyphics to write instead of Arabic. Modern Egypt has a president that is elected and not a living god pharaoh.

Who farmed in ancient Egypt?

The Ancient Egyptian farmers, of course. Basically anybody living close to the Nile farmed

What are the advantages and disadvantages of printing in ancient Egypt?

All the money you pay, is going straight back to your hotel.

What was the ruler of ancient Egypt who was often viewed as a god?

Pharaoh was viewed as the living Horus.