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Q: What ancient city shares it's name with a unit of weight of precious metal?
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What was the name of the precious metal did the ancient Egyptians put on the fingernails and toenails of the ancient Egyptians?


can you convert shares of a 401A plan into precious metals ?

Information about conversion of 401K plan to precious metals and currencies can be viewed at

Is zinc a precious metal?

No, zinc is not a precious metal. It is a necessary industrial metal.

What were mummy fingernails and toenails covered with?

the ancient Egyptians used the precious metal gold to cover the toenails and fingernails of the mummy.

What element is the original precious metal?

iradium is the precious metal element apart from platinum

Brass is a precious metals?

is brass a precious metal

Is niobium a precious metal?

Niobium is a rare metal, good additive for stainless, but not precious - it is grey

A lump of precious metal iscalled?

a lump of precious metal is called at nugget if talking about gold

Is uranium a precious metal found in Namibia?

Uranium is not a precious metal (as Au, Ag, Pt,.....) but is a valuable metal mined in Namibia.

Precious metal used in pollution control devices?

Platinum, a precious metal, is used in catalytic converters.

Is gold a precious metal?

Yes. Gold is an extremely precious metal. It is one of the most expensive metals there is.

Is pure palladium a pure metal or alloy?

Palladium (symbol Pd) is an element in the precious metal group of the periodic table, with Atomic Number #46 and Atomic Weight 106.42