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Q: What ancient city shares it's name with a unit of weight of precious metal?
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What was the name of the precious metal did the ancient Egyptians put on the fingernails and toenails of the ancient Egyptians?


can you convert shares of a 401A plan into precious metals ?

Information about conversion of 401K plan to precious metals and currencies can be viewed at

A lump of precious metal iscalled?

a lump of precious metal is called at nugget if talking about gold

What element is the original precious metal?

Gold is the original precious metal. It has been valued for its rarity, beauty, and malleability for thousands of years.

Is zinc a precious metal?

No, zinc is not considered a precious metal. It is classified as a base metal, commonly used in industrial applications like galvanizing steel to prevent corrosion.

Precious metal used in pollution control devices?

Platinum, a precious metal, is used in catalytic converters.

Is pure palladium a pure metal or alloy?

Palladium (symbol Pd) is an element in the precious metal group of the periodic table, with Atomic Number #46 and Atomic Weight 106.42

Is pewter a precious metal?

No. Pewter is a cheap metal.

How do you start a precious metal company?

i want to start a precious metal company and i want to know how to started. thanks

How do you use word precious to make in the sentence?

Gold is a precious metal.

What is a valuable metal in ancient Egypt called?

Gold was considered the most precious and valuable metal in ancient Egypt. It was highly sought after and was used for various purposes, including making jewelry, ornaments, and religious artifacts, as well as for gilding statues and decorations in temples and tombs.

Which is the most precious metal?