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Not really any language, they had words with sounds andcreated those sounds into an alphabet.

Neolithic and paleolithic are words developed from the Greek language. Both words have =lithx as their base, "Lithos" means stone and refers to the Stone Age when tools were constructed of shaped stones (before metal was used). Paleo- means ancient and neo- means new. The paleolithic period ended about 8500 years ago, the neolithic followed and lasted until about the 4th century BCE when bronze came into use.. The chief difference was that paleolithic stone tools were chipped into shape, neolithic tools were ground and polished.

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Q: What anguage did the words Neolithic and Paleolithic come from?
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What language did the words neolithic and Paleolithic come from?


Where did Neolithic people come from?

They came from preexisting paleolithic tribes who either lived at or migrated to whichever neolithic site you're talking about.

Did paleolithic come before neolithic?

Yes, the Paleolithic period came before the Neolithic period. The Paleolithic period is known as the Old Stone Age and encompasses the earliest period of human history, characterized by the use of stone tools. The Neolithic period followed the Paleolithic period and is known as the New Stone Age, marked by the development of agriculture and more complex societies.

Did the paleolithic age come before the neolithic age?

Yes, the Paleolithic Age came before the Neolithic Age. The Paleolithic Age is known for the use of simple stone tools and hunting and gathering lifestyles, while the Neolithic Age is characterized by the development of agriculture, animal domestication, and more advanced tools.

Did Paleolithic or Neolithic people come first?

Paleolithic people came first, around 2.5 million years ago, characterized by the use of stone tools and hunting-gathering lifestyle. Neolithic people emerged later, around 12,000 years ago, marked by the development of agriculture and settled communities.

Were did the word Paleolithic come from?

From Greek words meaning old (palaios) and stone (lithos).

What does term paleolithic mean and when was the paleolithic age?

Paleolithic has come from greek word 'palilo' means 'old' and 'litic' means 'stone'. Paleolithic age starts from around 500,000 BC to 10,000 BC

Where does the name 'Neolithic' come from?

The English word Neolithic, "pertaining to the later Stone Age" was coined in 1865 by John Lubbock, who later became Baron Avebury (1834 - 1913). He also coined Paleolithic, "pertaining to the earlier Stone Age" that very same year.It means "neo" = new & "lithic" = stone or pertaining to the new(er) stone (age).

Original settlers come from?

The first settlers in Romania are from paleolithic.

When did the Neolithic age come to an end?

2,000 bc

Where did the minoans come from?

the minoans come from the ancient city of crete where king minos was the king and they ate fried food

When did the mesolithic periond come?

the mesolithic people came to Ireland 7000bc. mesolithic means middle stone age. they used stone tools for dowing their work. the are olso callde hunter-gatherers.the came from britine and France.