What are Greek names?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Greek names originate from the Mediterranean area, popular ones are Helen, Jason, and Alexander.

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Q: What are Greek names?
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What are the second names of the Greek gods and goddesses?

The ancient Greek Gods did not have second (or family) names.

What are greek game board names?

Backgammon/tavli in greek!

What are all the Greek god and Greek goddess names?


what is the Greek translation for English names for Sarah?

it has no meaning in greek.

What are the names of tigers in greek mythology?

The Greek word tigris.

What are the names of six Greek gods?

Gods from Greek Mythology:AphroditeApolloArtemisAthenaDionysusHeraHermesPoseidonZeus

What are the names of Zeus' childrens names in greek?

Fatismus, podia

Why are there 2 names for Ancient Greece gods?

The Greek gods have 2 names because they are known in both Greek AND Roman mythology, only in differant names.

Where does the elements get their names?

Elements got their names from their latin names,greek gods,or from the names of the persons who discovered them.

What are the names of greek soldiers?


Do you capital Greek gods names?

Yes all names have capitals

Who is the son of Saturn in Greek mythology?

Saturn is not Greek but the Roman equivalent of Cronus. His sons (Roman names) are Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Their Greek names are Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.