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he was the god of music and his twin sister was artimus the goddess of the moon

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Q: What are facts about the greek god appollo?
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Who is the Greek god of singing?

Appollo, he was the Greek God of Music

Who was appollo in Greek mythology?

The god of the sun.

What was the greek god Apollo?

The greek god appollo was a twin of Artemis and was the sun, music, and drama god who carried a lyre and was beautiful

Did appollo the greek god have long hair?

Apollo had long, curly, golden hair.

Which Greek god had the most children?

The Greek god and goddess that have the most children is Nyx (Night), Zeus (Lighting) , and Aphrodite (Love)

What does je n'exige pas un Apollon mean?

I do not require an Appollo (Greek god, example of male beauty)

What is named after Apollo the sun god?

appollo dine in

What is appollo the god the god of?

Apollo is the god of the sun. His twin sister Aretmis is the goddess of the moon.

What are the family relationships of poseidon the greek god?

Zeus and Hades were his brothers. Hesita, Hera, and Demeter were his sisters. Appollo, Artemis, Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, and Dionysus are his nieces and nephews.

Why weren't the American moon missions called Apollo instead of Artemis?

I think that the American Moon missions were called either Appollo, in which case I think someone told you something wrong but if they were called Artemis then it is because the british moon missions were called Artemis. Which I think is better because Appollo is the Ancient Greeek God of harvest and the sun and Artemis is the ancient Greek God of the moon.

What are facts about about Ares the greek god?

The serpent, owls, vultures, and woodpecker are sacred to him.

Why are there no facts about nereus on the web?

If you mean the ancient Greek sea god, see the link below.