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Some causes of cultural diffusion was when different people traded with each other and when they moved. It affected the early civilizations because they kept spreading ideas around the world and was constantly changing other ideas.

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Q: What are some causes of cultural diffusion and how did it affect early civilizations?
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What is cultural diffusion and what are some causes of it?

Cultural diffusion is when another culture benefits from another by trade or some sort of partnership. Two empires might like to combine their skills and rule as one so that would be cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is the separation of culture from a central point. an example is the Irish potato famine, many Irish people had to leave their home and moved to the U.S. bringing their culture with them and exposing it to others. Pretty much anything that causes people to leave their home and move somewhere else is a cause of cultural diffusion.

What are three main reasons for cultural change?

Three causes of Cultural change are, migration, trade, and warfare.

What causes civilizations to change?

The invention of communication as in writing

How does diffusion cause cultural change?

Diffusion can lead to cultural change by spreading ideas, beliefs, practices, and innovations from one culture to another. This can result in the adoption of new customs, technologies, or ideologies that may alter the cultural landscape of a society. Over time, repeated instances of diffusion can lead to a blending or transformation of cultures, contributing to cultural diversity and evolution.

How does low temperature affect diffusion?

I'm pretty sure it would slow down the rate of diffusion, because higher tempuratures increase the rate of diffusion.

What causes cultural change?

Political views and how a president or prime minister may want to see their country/island transform into. OR - Technology - Changing environment - New ideas - Cultural diffusion

How does pressure affect the rate of diffussion?

Higher pressures cause more molecular collisions which in turn causes a greater rate of diffusion. The opposite is also true - lower pressures cause a decreased rate of diffusion.

Why does cultural diffusion occur?

Cultural diffusion is a term used to describe cultural change. Shifting in how people view differences causes cultural diffusion either for the positive or the negative.

What is the description of the process of diffusion?

During diffusion, the random motion of atoms causes them to spread out gradually.

What the causes of cultural change?

Three causes of Cultural change are, migration, trade, and warfare.

Explain why diffusion is evidence for particle models?

Diffusion is evidence for particle models because it causes diffusions

What causes cultural diversity?

what the cause of cultural deversity