What are sphinxs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A figure of a body of a lion and the head of a man, hawk, ram,

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Q: What are sphinxs?
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How do you get a pomaganit on Poptropica?

its in one of the trees in the sphinxs garden

How many tourists visit the sphinxs?

its in my butt hahahhah you suck

Why do they worship the great sphinxs?

Because they think they are powerful and they feel like it.

Where does the sphinxs live?

people say it lives in Giza

Where were sphinx's used for?

Sphinxs were used to guard egyptain temples and sacred places

How much was the egyptians paid to build the sphinxs?

No one paid them they were all slaves

What is the most royal animal in Egypt?

I'm not too sure but I'm think its the cat, hence the sphinxs.

Why did Napoleon bomb the Sphinxs' noses?

Although vandalism is the most likely reason the nose is chipped it was not Napoleon that did it.

What is the country with the most famous history?

Egypt because of it's temples, pyramids, sphinxs, the River Nile and food.

Where is the sphinxs nose?

the sphinxes nose was probably blown away by the wind due to the erosion of the sand

What is the most famous place in Egypt?


How do you get a flower from the garden of sphinxs on poptropica?

Go up to the aquatics and open every pump and in the gaps push the wood to fill the gap.