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one eyed mask

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Q: What are the best ideas to dress up as cyclops?
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How do you get Cyclops powers?

A Cyclops did not have any powers other than their immense strength and skill at masonry and the forge. So, to get a Cyclops' powers, work out, and pick up a book to learn the skills that they had.

What details indicate the Cyclops' personality besides his brute strength?

I don't know but people got the idea of the cyclops from the elephant skull. No lie I looked it up.

How does Odysseus show bravery?

In the epic of the cyclops Odysseus stands up for his men.

What does the cyclops do when he finds strangers in his cave?

first off cyclops arent real in my opion but from what ive read in books is that they will tie them up from the ceiling and let them die when there dead he uses the flesh as food by putting it in a fire if you belive cyclops are real that might happen

Why did Odysseus tell the cyclops his name was Nobody?

Some versions say Odysseus didn't tell the cyclops his name, here is one version.Odysseus told the cyclops his name was Nobody. He told this to the cyclops named Polyphemus as part of his plan to kill the cyclops who was holding him in the cave, his men. Then, on the morning when Odysseus attacked Polyphemus in his single eye, the cyclops gave a great painful bellow which woke up the neighboring cyclops. They raced to the cave and yelled to Polyphemus "Why did you wake us up so early? How is hurting you?", to which Polyphemus answered "It's Nobody! Nobody is hurting me!"The other cyclops answered "Well, if nobody is you, then why did you wake us up at this ungodly hour? You should pray to Poseidon, go to sleep, and let the rest of us sleep."Odysseus was able to kill the cyclops Polyphemus without interference from the other cyclops living nearby due to his trickery of telling the cyclops his name was Nobody. Most versions say however, that Odysseus told Polyphemus his name was nobody, so that when Polyphemus cried out for help, while Odysseus was shoving a stake into his eye, his fellow cyclopes would think that no one was attacking him. But then once Odysseus had escaped Polyphemus and got onto his boat, he cried out 'My name is Odysseus. The great Odysseus has blinded you.' Odysseus probably said this because he was a bit cocky from his victory and he just wanted the cyclops to know who had defeated him. Polyphemus then asked his father Poseidon to curse Odysseus, which Poseidon did do, not allowing Odysseus to reach Ithaca for 10 years.

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How is Odysseus clever to trick the cyclops?

The ideas that Odysseus comes up with are not normal ideas; they are out of the box ideas that are borne from dire necessity. Note, that none of his crew had any ideas; it was Odysseus himself who needed to lead the men to safety.

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Which is the BEST rephrasing what line?

Which is the BEST rephrasing of the following line?When the young Dawn with fingertips of rose lit up the world, the Cyclops built a fire.A. With a rosy touch, the Cyclops built a fire. B. At daybreak, the Cyclops built a fire. C. When Dawn was young, the Cyclops built a fire. D. Sun sets. Cyclops builds fire.

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