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Around BC times, the metals that humans were acquainted with were gold, silver, lead, antimony, arsenic, carbon, copper, iron, (platinum, first known to pre-columbain Indians antonio de ulloa), sulfur, tin, and zinc.

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Q: What are the names of some elements used by ancient people?
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Why do some element have unusual letter for their symbols?

some elements do not use their first letters of their English names as their symbols. The symbols for these elements may come from the names of the elements in a different language.

How were elements named?

Elements on the periodic table were named in a variety of ways by their respective discoverers. For example, some like curium, einsteinium, and fermium have names that honor important scientist, such as Madame Curie and Einstein. Other elements like strontium, polonium, and francium were named after specific places in the world. Others like gold, iron, and silver have Latin names because these elements were known in ancient times and named by these ancient peoples.

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Some elements are named after the compound that they came from, or some attribute of it. Other elements are named after some aspect of the way in which the element was found. Still, there are other elements that get their names from places. Another interesting group of names comes from mythology. -Nev Singhota

What ancient language's were used in developing the names of some elements?

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