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they are temples to charrish the pharoah

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Q: What are the smaller buildings around the pyramids?
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Names of buildings that have a triangle shape?

They are pyramids

What is dissolving the stones statues and buildings and pyramids?


What type of buildings does the Aztecs build in Mexico long ago?

Pyramids and temples are such kind of buildings.

What are egyptian burial buildings called?

The burial buildings are called pyramids. There are several rooms in a pyramid.

What ancient Egyptian buildings survive in Egypt today?


What did laborers do in ancient Egypt?

They used to build buildings and pyramids...

What are the building projects of Egypt?

The buildings in Egypt r pyramids

When were the pyramids of Giza built?

2560 b.c. was the first one built. But the great pyramids of Giza were built in 2480BC, for king Khufu. there are 3 smaller pyramids for his brides next to him.

Can a pyramid be made of smaller pyramids?


What can you make with paddle pop sticks?

pyramids, house, buildings... etc...

What are Mayan skills with buildings such temples and pyramids examples of?

strong hands

When biggest building in Egypt are tombs there called?

These buildings are called pyramids.