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A phoenix is the bird that dies in a burst of flame and is reborn in the ashes.

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Q: What bird rises from the ashes in greek mythology?
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What Rises from the ashes?

it is a bird called a Phoenix

Are pheonixs real?

No, they are mythological creatures, a bird that rises from the ashes.

Where does the word Phoenix originate?

'Phoenix', meaning a legendary Arabian bird that sets fire to itself and rises from the ashes every 500 years, comes from the Greek language.

Is a phoenix from Greek mythology?

The phoenix is a mythical, sacred firebird that can be found in Greek and Roman mythologies, though its roots are of Greek origin. The only other true association to other mythology is that its inspiration may have come from a similar Egyptian mythology creature called the Bennu. There are other firebirds from other mythologies, such as Persian, but that creature is known as the Simurgh, and it is a benevolent, mythical bird.

What is a cuckoo in greek mythology?

A favored bird of Hera.

In Greek mythology the gods changed Philomel into a bird What kind of bird was it?

She became a swallow.

What is the university of Phoenix mascot?

The mascot of the University of Phoenix is a phoenix a bird that lives for a long time then when that one becomes ashes a new phoenix rises from the ashes.

What do ravens symbolize in Greek Mythology?

Well okay, Raven in Greek means evil an evil bird

What is Greek for resurrection?

I`m not sure of the word reborn for Greek, but it`s symbol is the Phoenix, (fire-bird), in Greek Mythology it would live for hundreds of years, catch itself on fire and out of it`s ashes a new Phoenix would be reborn. Symbol for never dieing or (Immortality).

How did the owl becomes god?

The owl is not a god in Greek mythology. It's the favorite bird of Athena.

How were the sirens in greek mythology worshipped?

The sirens in Greek mythology were half woman half bird monsters that sang sweet songs to sailors that made them forget everything and crash their ships. No, they were not worshipped.

What is the bird Phoenix?

A phoenix is a legendary bird that sets itself on fire and rebirth from its ashes. Some people believe that there can only be one phoenix at a time. It looks like a bird on fire. It is a fantastic creature from the Ancient Greek Mythology. It is a symbol of rebirth, reconstruction, of perpetual renewal. It never dies; when it is getting to old, it sets itself on fire and gets reborn as a "chick".