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They needed government officials

To increase farming

For Sumerian influences

To increase the population

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Q: What caused social classes to appear during the old kingdom?
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Whats did not cause social classes to appear during the Old Kingdom?

Sumerian influences

What were 3 causes of the social classes to appear during the rule by the pharos?


What caused conflicts between the social classes during the 1400s?

the black death

In what way did the social classes ofancient Egypt change during the middle kingdom?

During the middle kingdom, the power of the nobility greatly declined. Most of the power was taken over by the vizierate.

What problems caused the growth of trade in the new kingdom?

Trade grew during the new kingdom of egypt due to the conquest of ancient greece

Where do you find a penguin in my sims kingdom?

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What caused the decline of Egypt during the new kingdom?

because the civil war left egypt weak and poorly defended.

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How did the changes caused by the industrial revolution generate conflicts?

New social classes emerged due to urbanization during the industrial revolution.

When did the Hebrews appear in Asia?

The Hebrews (more accurately the Israelites, since the southern kingdom was not dispersed there at this time) went into Asia during the time of Xerxes.

What strained relations between the Kongo kingdom and Portugal during afosos rule?

the slave trade caused the collapse of relations between the kongo kingdom and portugal.

What caused the old kingdom to decline?

During the Old kingdom the Pharaoh had a custom of granting lands to his mortuary temple or educated scribes and officials as payment for their services after hundreds of years of this practice the Pharoah could not support admiistative costs, Nomarchs also threathen the stability of the kingdom. Also during 2200 and 2150BC severe droughts affected the country.