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chinese civilization

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Q: What civilization area is the farthest away from any other civilization area?
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What civilization area is farthest away from any other civilization area?

chinese civilization

How did geography isolate civilizations?

Many landforms, such as mountains or rivers were uncrossable to early civilizations, so they stayed where they were, away from other groups

How do people mummify dead people?

While the Egyptians were not the only civilization to mummify (other nations include Rome, Aztecs and sometimes the Chinese) I will explain the Egyptian process. When the person in question (not always a Pharoah) died, they would remove the heart, liver, intestines, lungs and and stomach. They were all preserves and wrapped. The heart went back into the body to be weiged in the afterlife, while the other four were placed in canopic jars. Then a hook was shoved up the nose, to the brain, scrambed around, and ripped out with the brain in tow. The brain was then thrown away. The body would then be dried, and placed into salt for 40 days. After that the body would be wrapped in linnon, and lucky amulets were bound in with the body.

What mathematical contributions did egyptians make to civilization?

Egyptians were the first to use geometry. After the Nile river flooded and washed away many of the boundaries between tracts of land, they used geometry and the remaining reference points (like hilltops or big rocks that were not moved by the flood) to re-establish the tracts of land.

What hardships did Connecticut have to overcome?

There were many hardships that the people of Connecticut and the other colonies had to face. The winters were harsh, and they faced starvation. They also faced the cruelty of the British crown which ruled them from thousands of miles away.

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