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Their normal clothes, but more jewelry, perfume and makeup.

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Q: What clothes did Egyptians wear at festivals?
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What did ancient egyptians wear to festivals?


What does Egyptians wear in fall?


Does the Grinch wear any Clothes?

Does The Grinch Wear any Clothes:The Grinch wears no Clothes but he wears clothes for Festivals.

Did ancient Egyptians wear underwear?

No the ancient Egyptians i believe did not wear anything under there clothes. such as under wear or bras. Very good question .

Hindus wear special clothes when?

Hindus were special clothes at events e.g. festivals weddigs etc...

Did ancient egyptians usually wear colored and patterned clothes?


What did ancient egyptians wear in the old times?

They wore clothes out of linen... That's what I found... ...:)

What kind of clothes did Egyptians wear?

Egyptians Wore Wool Of Animals That The Caught And Ate The Meat And They Kept The Wool And The Woman Sewed It With The Vains Of The Animal

Why did the ancient egyptians wear clothes?

Most humans wear clothes of some sort. In Egypt like most of the ancient world clothes reflected status the better quality and quantity of clothing you wore the higher your status in society.

What do modern Egyptian wear?

Egyptians dress exactly like any other normal person. Most Egyptians are Muslim, therefore, the females wear the ha jib (head scarf). We cover basically everything but our hands and face. However, there are some Egyptians with different religions, either way, Egyptians dress like anyone else but the girls wear the head scarf! they were those clothes because it is hot in Egypt they used to wear very heavy clothes. :)

Why did Egyptians were clothes?

the same reason we humans wear clothes. i mean why wouldn't they wear clothes. i don't think they want to go round naked. would you want to go roaming round the streets in your nude. i didn't think so.

Did the Egyptians have festivals?

the answer is yes. the Egyptians have many festivals including: - the opening of the year -Thoth festival -wag festival and many more!! hope this helped ^_^