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Elements by Euclid

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Q: What collection of books written in ancient Greece give a complete presentation of the geometry?
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How did ancient use geometry?

A great example of how ancient Egyptians used geometry is in the building of pyramids.

How did the ancient Babylonians use geometry?

The ancient Babylonians used geometry to map agricultural land.

How much geometry did Newton use to create calculus?

Calculus is essentially the collection of geometry, algebra, smarts, and arithmetic - all combined to help solve a greater problem that geometry, algebra, smarts, or arithmetic cannot solve on its own.So basically, Newton used all of geometry to help developcalculus.Calculus was already developed centuries ago in ancient China, India, and Egypt.

How did ancient Egyptians use geometry?

Geometry was used in wall or cave paintings they made and found inn everyday objects.

Where did geometry originate and why there?

Geometry was used in ancient Egypt for building the great pyramids, however the ancient Greeks were the ones who actually began to study it in detail.

Who was the founder of Geometry?

Geometry was not founded by any one person. Ancient Egyptians have been used an early stage of geometry as well as the Greeks.

Why is geometry important in ancient Greece?

cuz of pythagoris

How did the ancient Eqyptions use geometry?

Exactly in the same way as we use geometry today for their constructions of pyramids and land measurements.

How did the ancient Eygptians use geometry?

Geometry was used in ancient Egypt to build the great pyramids and to find boundary lines on land flooded when the Nile River periodically overflowed its banks.

Who is called 'the father of geometry'?

Euclid, a Greek mathematician, is known as the Father of Geometry. In his mathematics book Elements, he introduced what came to be known as Euclidean geometry.

Why did they invent geometry?

The answer is in the word -- Geo means 'Earth', and 'metry' means 'measure'. Geometry means to measure the earth. Ancient Egyptians used a form of simple geometry. When buildings or crops needed to be plotted out, geometry was used.