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The Middle Kingdom was a golden age in ancient Egypt. The rulers extended the borders of the empire, as well as added new waterways and other amenities to the kingdom.

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Q: What conquest did the rulers of the Middle Kingdom make and why?
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Why do you think Alexander encouraged marriages between Macedonians and Persians?

It was to make the Persians respect him that he adopted their customs and dress; he wanted them to think he was no different to the rulers they'd had in the past.

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What effort did Cyrus the great make to establish rules for the treatment of humans?

He established Persian governors to control and regulate provinces, but left the local rulers to continue their own practices.

Did Cleopatra have a legacy?

here's her legacy: She was 39 when she died; she killed herself because she realized that her end was close by any way so to make it easier so she didn't have to struggle any more. Her dreams of the Egyptian empire died with her. Her name lived on so this name makes people think of romance, bravery, greed and beauty. She tried to make sure Egypt stayed independent; she made rulers of the roman republic frightened of her. No one can deny that Cleopatra was one of the greatest rulers of Egypt!

How did dido become the queen?

she was rich, so she decided that a place called Cathage "NEED'S SOMEONE LIKE ME! to look after their kingdom also rule them". so she went to that kingdom and told some of the worker's to make her a place and it should have everything golden- so people can understand her welth.

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What improvements did the middle kingdoms make?

Improvements that the Middle Kingdom rulers made were that the pharaos added more waterways and also dams. They also did increase the amount of land being farmed and also built canals between the Nile River and also the Red Sea.

What improvement did the middle kingdom rulers make?

Pharaohs added more waterways and dam. They increased the amount of land being farmed and built canal between the Nile river and the Red sea.

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What physical feature makes up much of the eastern border of the middle kingdom?

The Qinling Mountains make up much of the eastern border of the Middle Kingdom. This natural barrier separates the central plains of China from the eastern coastal regions.

How did Cleopatra feel when the kingdom was handed to her?

She, in my opinion, probely felt like she deseved it. She knew she would make a great queen, and she did do a pretty job of it. In fact she was one of the only rulers to speak true Egyptian.

What generalizations could you make about the relationship between politics and religion in the middle ages?

In the Middle Ages, politics and religion were deeply intertwined, with the church wielding significant influence over matters of governance and society. Rulers often used religion to legitimize their power and control the population. The era saw frequent conflicts between secular rulers and the church over authority and control.

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