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poor Victorian children would wear rags and if they were lucky a dress made of cotton to keep them warm

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They might have worn clothes thrown out by rich people . But it was mostly raggedy scratched clothes.

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Q: What did Victorian poor boys wear?
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What did the poor Victorian boys wear?

some times nothing

What did the poor Victorian baby's wear?

nothing. the babies were too poor.

What clothes did the rich wear in the Victorian times?

girls and boys wear identical clothes

What did the poor people wear in the Victorian time?

ragged clothes

What did victorian children wear rich and poor?

clothes hhshshfhshhfds

What did people wear in Victorian workhouses?

In the Victorian workhouse times the poor people had to wear a uniform so the outside knew they were poor and knew they were from the workhouse.

What did poor Victorian children wear when they worked in coal mines?

top and trousers

What clothes did Victorian children wear if they were poor?

dirty clothes that are ripped and torn

What did poor Victorian women used to wear if they did not have a job?

Old hand-me-downs.

What clothes did poor Victorian girls wear?

a frock, a pinafore and high heels

What did Dr. bernardo do for charity?

Doctor Bernardo Helped poor Victorian boys that were living on the streets

What did poor Victorian boys look like?

Well they wore brown and they wore pig hats because they were piggys