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they both were amazing people and loved to sing and dance with their mommies

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They both studied in Rome

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Q: What did Virgil Horace and Ovid have in common?
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What were two famous roman poets?

The three canonic poets of Latin literature were Virgil, Horace and Ovid. Virgil's masterpiece was the Aeneid. Horace wrote the Satires, the Epistles and the Carmen Saeculare. Ovid's most ambitious work was the Metamorphoses.

Who were the major writers of Rome?

The canonical poet of Latin literature were Virgil, Horace and Ovid. Some say that Virgil's Aeneid was the greatest work of Latin literature.

Roman lifestyles were criticized in the work of horace or virgil or tactius or ovid?


Who were three famous early rome writers?

The three canonic poets of Latin Literature were Virgil, Ovid and Horace.

What field was Ovid and Virgils accomplishment in?

Ovid and Virgil were poets.

When was Virgil Horace Barber born?

Virgil Horace Barber was born in 1782.

When did Virgil Horace Barber die?

Virgil Horace Barber died in 1847.

Who are four major writers of Rome?

There are many famous writers from Rome. Some of these writers include Virgil, Cicero, Lucretius, Ovid, Horace, as well as St. Augustine.

What were Augustus Caesar's major cultural achievements?

Augustus' major cultural achievement was his support of literature. The three canonical poets of Latin literature, Virgil, Horace and Ovid.

Who were the writers of Rome?

Vergil, Horace and Ovid.

What language is Ovid and Virgil?

They wrote and spoke Latin. Their work is often considered the highpoint of Latin literature and culture along with others like Horace and Lucan. Ovid was a well-known and prolific love poet and composed a famous mythological epic "Metamorphoses". Virgil composed several pastoral poems and crafted an epic known as The Aeneid" and is considered by many (not me) to be the best Roman writer.

The 2 great Roman myth-makers were Virgil and?