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Hera promised him rule of all Europe and Asia.

Athena promised him he would lay Greece in ruins and lead the Trojans to victory.

Aphrodite promised him that the fairest woman in all the world would be his.

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Q: What did each goddess promise Paris if he picked her as the most beautiful?
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Paris chose this goddess as the love goddess and the most beautiful goddess of all.?

She was Aphrodite.

Paris chose this goddess as the most beautiful goddess of all?

Paris gave the golden apple marked "To the Fairest" to Aphrodite, thus choosing her as the most beautiful.

Who was the beautiful goddess of all?

According to Paris, Aphrodite.

Why did Aphrodite bribe Paris?

When the three goddess were warring over who is the most beautiful, each of them offered Paris something. Aphrodite offered him the love of Helen, the most beautiful mortal at that time, and so Paris named her the most beautiful goddess and gave her the Golden Apple.

Who did Aphrodite promise the most beautiful women in the world?


Who is the most beautiful woman in greek mythology?

According to the judgment of Paris (which led to the Trojan war) it was Aphrodite, whom he gave the Golden Apple marked TO THE FAIREST to. She is the goddess of love and beauty.The most beautiful Greek goddess is considered to be Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology), the goddess of love and beauty.

What did Aprhodite promise Paris which started the Trojan war?

Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman in the world - Queen Helen of Sparta.

Who was the most beautiful goddess of all?

"To the fairest" was given to Aphrodite by Paris, for judging that she was even more beautiful/fair than Hera or Athena.

What does Aphrodite promise Paris that persuades him to choose her as the winner of the beauty contest?

"the most beautiful woman in the world" as a wife

Which goddess did Paris choose as most fair and why?

Paris said that the Goddess Aphrodite was the most fair, because she offered him the best prize(in his opinion): the most beautiful woman in the world(Helen of Sparta, who became Helen of Troy) to be his bride.

What did Aphrodite promise if Paris awarded the golden apple to her?

Aphrodite promised Paris that he would have the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. The only problem- she, Helen, was already married.

How did Aphrodite make Helen fall in love with paris?

Aphrodite promised Paris the love of the most beautiful mortal woman if he chose her as the fairest goddess. As a result, Aphrodite influenced Helen's feelings and actions to fall in love with Paris, leading to the events of the Trojan War.