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king khufus tomb had everything he needed to get through the 3000 year journey to the afterlife!food,makeup,gold,gods,statue of the gods and more

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King Khufu was buried in his pyramid at the Giza Pyramids.

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Khufu's tomb is the Great Pyramid

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Q: What did king Khufu's tomb look like?
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What does the outside of king tuts tomb look like?

a pyramid

What was the original purpose of khufus Great Pyramid?

it has been or it was intended to be his tomb, his body was not found in it...

What did King Tutankhamun's pyramid look like?

King Tut never had a pyramid. He was buried in a tomb.

When Howard Carter found king tuts tomb did they let the people look in the tomb?

he found it in 1921

Is King Tutankhamuns tomb the biggest?

king Tut's tomb is not the biggest king Khufu's tomb is the biggest.

What does a pharaohs tomb look like?

I am not sure, but a pharaohs tomb looks like a giant boxed room.

How many years did the archaeologists look for king tuts tomb?

two years i think

When was The High King's Tomb created?

The High King's Tomb was created in 2007.

What kind of food was in king tut tomb?

No there was no food in king tuts tomb

What kind of tomb did King Tutankhamun have?

He had a tomb.

What does Tutankhamun's tomb look like?

king tuts tomb is made with wood and cotted with gold paint

What was used to build king tut's tomb?

what was used to build king tut's tomb