What did seigneurs wear?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they wore crop tops and high wasted shorts

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Q: What did seigneurs wear?
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What do the seigneurs wear?


What kind of clothes did seigneurs wear in New France?

cool clothes.

Who were the people that lived on the seigneurs land?

The seigneurs rented their land to tenant farmers.

What is the population of Rabat-les-Trois-Seigneurs?

The population of Rabat-les-Trois-Seigneurs is 307.

How did seigneurs dress?

they were skirts

What were the seigneurs duties?


What is the area of Rabat-les-Trois-Seigneurs?

The area of Rabat-les-Trois-Seigneurs is 26.96 square kilometers.

What is the Role of a seigneurs?

land loard

What obligation did settlers have to their seigneurs or lords?

The settlers had various obligations to their seigneurs or lords. They were expected to work and also pay rent to the lords for occupancy.

What did the seigneurs eat?

they ate whatever a habitant ate

What was the seigneurs possible motivations for coming to New France?


Who wrote the poem Les Grands Seigneurs?

Dorothy Malloy