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Tunics, nothing or loincloths depending on their services to their masters.

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Q: What did slaves wear in ancient Greece?
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What do slaves do in ancient Greece?

Slaves in ancient Greece would cook, clean, farm, and other household tasks for their master.

Where slaves in ancient Greece allowed to talk whenever they wanted?

The slaves of ancient Greece were allowed to talk, as long as the talking did not get in the way of their work.

Who was at the bottom of the pyramids who was at the bottom of the pyramid who was at the bottom of the pyramid ancient greece in ancient Greece?

the slaves

What types of slaves were there in ancient Greece?


What were pornae from ancient Greece?

female slaves

Did ancient Greece use slaves?

In ancient Greece they used war slaves called "Helots". these slaves were sometimes set free after working for so many years. basically like POW's that are slaves.

What did rich girls wear in ancient Greece?

A lot of jewlery, make up and nice clothing unlike the slaves who sometimes wore nothing.

What is the social pyramid of ancient greece?

The social structure of ancient Greece was basically split between free men and slaves. The slaves had absolutely no rights, and neither did women or children.

Was there slavery in ancient Greece?

yes---slaves did the job of the women

What did slaves where in ancient Greece?

A long fabric called chiton

Did slaves wear make-up in ancient Egypt?

no they did not wear it

How were slaves punished in ancient Greece?

Typically, slaves were punished with whippings. Most commonly, fifty of them.