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They didn't have proper school so no. If you wanted your children educated you would hire them a tutor, sometimes more than one.

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Toga. Toga. TOGA!

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no some times they just wear loin cloths

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Q: What did the ancient Greeks wear when they went to school?
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Do all ancient Greeks go to school?

No only the ancient boys went to school moms teach there girls around the house

In ancient Greece where did they gather political stuff?

The Ancient Greeks gatherd in A small room Which was called a BULUGER. There goverment went there to decus stuff important to the Greeks. That is wear tey Gathered.;

Facts about ancient Greece education?

that when the Greeks went to school you would usually do mostly PE!

What did children wear to school in Ancient Greece?

they went to school with robes on its like the big pecuse of cloth but smaller

How were the lives of ancient Greeks spent?

spartian boys spent their days at millitary camp and athenian boys went to a real school

What kind of clothing do Greeks wear in different kinds of weather?

The ancient Greeks wore pretty much the same kinda clothing in any weather. They may have put on bigger or more thick clothing went it was cold.

What are the religious practices of ancient Greeks?

The Ancient Greeks were polytheists, or they believed in many gods and goddesses. They went to temples to worship and had many religious festivals.

Did ancient Greeks believe in the after life?

The ancient Romans believed in the underworld, which was ruled by the god Pluto.

The roman god Jupiter went by what name during the time of the ancient Greeks?

Zeus the

Did the ancient Greeks have pools in their houses?

only the rich people did. they had a community bath where everyone went

How did the Greeks react to the world of the Gods?

The ancient Greeks made them up, they came up with that belief. They just grew up believing that as time went on.....

Did Ancient Greek school children have school holidays?

Very few children went to school. Not like today and there were holidays in ancient times.