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this si so not kool

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this is the pits

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Q: What did the ancient olympian say when he lost his olive wreath?
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What did the ancient Greek Olympian trainers do when their Olympians lost?

Went home disappointed.

What is the name of the book after the last olympian?

The Lost Hero.

Is there another book after last olympian?

Yes it is the lost hero

Was luke eaten by cyclopse in the book the lost hero?

no he died in the last olympian...

How much will Percy Jackson be in the lost hero?

not very much it isn't about him. In the last Olympian the prophecy that Rachel had said that is what the lost hero will be about the next child of the prophecy

What book comes aftter the last Olympian by rickk rioridan?

It is in a second series arc and its called The Lost Hero

What page did Jason exchange minds with Percy in the last Olympian?

Jason Grace wasn't introduced in the Last Olympian. He didn't exist until the next series, the Heroes of Olympus. He is first introduced in the Lost Hero.

Is there a Percy Jackson and the Olympians 6?

no but there is a new series about how Percy was lost and a new olympian was found from the roman side of the gods

Where is the ancient lost city of Egypt?

no one knows its lost.

What will the next book be for the next Percy Jackson and the Olympian series?

The Lost Hero, the new spin off series will be called Heroes of Olympus.The Lost Hero will be out on October 12, 2010

Is there a book before The Lost Hero?

no. unless you mean the other series in that case then yes the book before the lost hero is the last Olympian. five books in all 1. the lightning thief 2. the sea of monsters 3. the titans curse 4. the battle of the labyrinth 5. the last Olympian then the next series 6. the lost hero and 7. the son of Neptune. hope this helped

Is there any new books coming out by Rick Riordan?

the lost hero next after the last olympian and the red pyramid they are good books read them