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Nobody really knows. She was supposedly a beauty so mesmerising that people stopped worshipping Venus, who was also extremely good-looking.

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What did the greek goddess psyche look like

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what do u mean

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Q: What did the greek goddess psyche look like?
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What did the greek goddess Pandora look like physically?

Do you know if Pandora the Goddess was respected/

What did the Greek goddess Persephone's jewelry look like?


What did Athena Greek goddess look like?

She wearing a helmet and holding a shield.

What did aphredite look like?

Aphredite was the Greek goddess of love. She must have been very pretty.

What does Greek Goddess Hestia's weapon look like?

Hestia needed no weapon, being the goddess of fire - weapons can not be forged without fire.

What did the Greek goddess Leto look like?

In Greek vase painting Leto was usually depicted as a woman lifting her veil in a gesture of modesty.

What does the greek goddess Athena look like?

she is very beautiful and is the Goddess of wisdom

What did the Greek Goddess Aphrodite look like?

Gold curly hair and deep blue eyes . Totally beautiful .

What is the symbol of the greek goddess Nemesis?

The Greek goddess Nemesis's sacred animal is the goose.

What does Aphrodite look like in modern day?

She's as beautiful as she wants to be; meaning, she is like the other Greek gods and goddess and can change her shape at will.

What does Athena the god look like?

She is imortal and is dressed as a warrior with fully armor. She is goddess of wisdom and crafts. This is in "Greek Mythogly

What does iris look like?

According to mythology the Greek Goddess Iris is portrayed as either a rainbow or a young winged maiden.