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Lower class. Unskilled work - Unskilled occupations are the least complex types of work. Jobs in ancient Egypt that unskilled workers did are:

  • Stone hauler (for pyramids)
  • Farmer (someone that harvests grain, fruits, veggies, etc.)

See the related link for further information.

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Unskilled workers perform work that does not require specialized training.

For example a carpenter is a skilled worker because he or she needs experience, training or skills to do the work well.

A ditch digger is an unskilled worker because he or she needs only strength and the ability to use a shovel.

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Q: What did the unskilled Egyptian workers do?
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unskilled workers were to, at the time, build the the great pyramid because eventhough they had slaves they werent enough so the king forced them into it as well :)

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