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At times a Greek god or goddess is not shown to ware any "head piece": but this depends upon the Greek god or goddess. Athena and Ares, being war deities, are sometimes seen adorned with Greek helmets.

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laurel wreaths

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Q: What did the winners of ancient greek Olympics put on their heads?
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What was placed on the heads of winners in the ancient Greek Olympics?

A crown of olive leafs.

What were the ancient greek olnpic winners given?

The Greek athletes were given wreaths on their heads.

What did winners in the greek Olympics put on their heads?

sacred olive tree wreath (Kotinos)

What winners in the Olympics put on their heads?


What happened to the losers in the ancient greek Olympics?

They were awarded nothing and went home to their city-state hanging their heads.

In the ancient Greek Olympic games what did the winner receive?

A wreath of olive branches was placed on the winner's head at the ancient Olympics in Greece.

What do winners in the Olympics put on their heads that starts with the letter L?


What did the the Ancient Greek athletes wear on their heads after winning?

this is what they wore after they had won

Who held record for most medals in ancient Olympics?

In Ancient Greece no medals were given. This is a modern concept. They were give laurel / olive leaves wreaths to wear on their heads.

City of 1900 summer olympics?

**** heads

What did the Greeks win in the Olympics that they put on their heads?

Answer, they put hte garlands they were awarded, on heir heads

Does polycephaly mean many heads in Greek?

Yes, the word polycephaly does mean many heads in the Greek language.