What does Demetrius mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Demetrius means lover of the earth.

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Q: What does Demetrius mean?
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What does the phrase Be it so she will not here before your grace consent to marry with Demetrius mean?

If, in front of you (Duke Theseus), she refuses to marry Demetrius...

What is the birth name of Demetrius Fair?

Demetrius Fair's birth name is Demetrius P. Fair.

When did Demetrius Havanas die?

Demetrius Havanas died in 1981.

When was Demetrius Hart born?

Demetrius Hart was born in 1993.

When did Demetrius Hondros die?

Demetrius Hondros died in 1962.

When did Demetrius I of Georgia die?

Demetrius I of Georgia died in 1156.

When was Demetrius I of Georgia born?

Demetrius I of Georgia was born in 1093.

When did Operation Demetrius happen?

Operation Demetrius happened in 1971.

When did Claude Demetrius die?

Claude Demetrius died in 1988.

When was Claude Demetrius born?

Claude Demetrius was born in 1916.

When was Demetrius of Montferrat born?

Demetrius of Montferrat was born in 1205.

When did Demetrius of Montferrat die?

Demetrius of Montferrat died in 1230.