What does FTD stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Flower Transworld Delivery

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Q: What does FTD stand for?
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What ftd stand for?

Flower Transworld Delivery

What is a full form FTD?


Are FTD florists owned by FTD or are they privately held?

FTD is a company that works with local florists. If a local florists meets FTD standards, then when someone places an order through FTD, the local florist would fulfill the order and deliver it.

When was FTD Records created?

FTD Records was created in 1998.

When did FTD Records end?

FTD Records ended in 2004.

What does FTD stands for in FTD Canada?

FTD stands for Florists Transworld Delivery, which was founded in 1910. FTD delivers throughout Canada and the United States with more than 16,000 retail florists.

Where can one order gifts from FTD?

One can order gifts from FTD on the official FTD website itself. One could also go to a local flower store and ask information about ordering gifts from FTD in there.

How can you find more information about flowers and FTD?

Someone looking for more information about flowers and FTD would find the FTD website to be more than explanatory on the services offered by FTD. FTD is a company that delivers flowers and flower arrangements to the doorstep for any occasion. However, one could also more information about dissatisfied customers of FTD at Yelp.



What is the difference between the FTD and STD's?

FTD = Florists' Transworld Delivery. STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease.

What is the abbreviation of Interflora?


What greek god was used as the logo for the flower company FTD?

Hermes and his sandals are used as the logo of FTD flowers